Wealth Management

The Rein Group educates clients as we move through the six main areas of financial planning:

Financial Position: The initial phase is a financial assessment that reviews income, expenses, budgeting, cash flow, lines of credit, and net worth. A clear evaluation of your current financial situation is an important component of realizing future goals. 

Risk Management: The next stage is learning how to ensure continuity of your lifestyle through income protection with life or disability income insurance in the event of premature death, disability, illness, accident, natural disaster, or personal liability. The importance of beneficiary designations is also reviewed.

Investment Planning Strategies: Once your income is protected, the focus turns to asset growth. We analyze existing investments to assess risk, return, and tax characteristics and offer investment options in alignment with your accumulation and income goals. Tax-favored savings strategies, diversification, control, and flexibility are taken into consideration.

Tax Planning Strategies: Once investment choices are made, we concentrate on retention of income—examining strategies to help reduce, defer, or minimize taxation. 

Retirement Planning Strategies: While maintaining our focus on asset allocation, risk tolerance, and diversification, we will analyze, evaluate, and discuss different retirement vehicles that may be suitable for your unique needs (including employer-sponsored plans). We will also candidly address issues such as income thresholds, contribution limits, withdrawal stipulations, and tax consequences.

Estate Planning Strategies: The final phase is creating a legacy plan to help ensure that the fruits of your efforts are preserved, transferred, and cherished. In the estate planning process, we will evaluate distribution strategies, property ownership, estate tax reduction, and estate tax payment techniques, as well as gifting, trusts, wills, and the disposition of business interests.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!